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 WoW-2.4.3-to-3.0.2-TBC-EU-Stage3 issue at 95%

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PostSubject: WoW-2.4.3-to-3.0.2-TBC-EU-Stage3 issue at 95%   Sat Oct 11, 2008 5:14 pm

if ur update download stop at 95% and tell u somthing like "there were multiple problems saving data" i give u the solution :

1. Download another BitTorrent client of choice (uTorrent for me).

2. Install it, set it up to your liking, etc.

3. Go to your WoW Folder (default is C:\Program Files\World of
Warcraft) and open up the Cache folder. Inside should be a
BackgroundDownloader torrent file. Open this with your torrent program.

4. When it asks you what parts to download, choose ONLY the wow-partial-2.MPQ file, as that's the last 5% that no-one can get.

5. Make sure you choose to save the file in the correct location
(default is C:\Program Files\World of

6. Sit back and watch the files download at about 200Kb/s (might take a little while for it to get up to speed - be patient!).

7. When it's finished, launch the Blizzard Background Downloader
and let it verify the contents of the entire download - it should
confirm that the last 5% is just fine.

That's it - you're done! You can help others who can't / won't do
this by keeping the background downloader open so they can get the
un-corrupted files from you (and anyone else who does this).


EDIT - For those of you running Vista, the files will be found in
the "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Blizzard Entertainment\World of
Warcraft\" folder (the Cache and Updates folder should be present


EDIT 2 - When you've finished downloading the files using the
Torrent program, you might find that it's created a new set of folders
instead of downloading to exactly the right location. Just cut the
"wow-partial-2.MPQ" file and paste it into the correct folder (as noted
in step 5) and then delete "wow-partial-2.MPQ.part". Not everyone will have this issue, but just for those who do.


EDIT 3 - Some users are having issues where the downloader
closes/crashes randomly, sometimes with an error message, when the
downloader reaches 95% or 99%. It seems as though this happens to Vista
users more often than XP. Try running the downloader in compatibility
mode for Windows XP if this happens to you. To do this, right-click the
Background Downloader icon in the WoW folder, go to Properties, then to
the compatibility tab. Choose Windows XP from the list.



- Make sure you stop sharing your torrent file after it has
downloaded, or alternatively close the Torrent program altogether.
Files still being shared are still "in use" and could cause programs
with the Blizzard Background Downloader recognising the last 0.1%.

- Make sure the file you downloaded (wow-partial-2.MPQ) is moved to the correct location.

For XP: C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Updates\WoW-3.0.1-to-3.0.2-Update

For Vista: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Blizzard Entertainment\World of Warcraft\Updates\WoW-3.0.1-to-3.0.2-Update

There should be a file called "wow-partial-1.MPQ" in the same
folder - if it's not there, then you've not moved it to the correct

- Make sure you delete the old file (wow-partial-2.MPQ.part) - please note the .part!


EDIT 5 - If you are having a problem with the download reaching 99% but still failing

Firstly, close the Background Downloader, and then please go to
your World of Warcraft folder and check for a file called "bad.piece".
Delete it, then run the Background Downloader again.

If this still doesn't work, we need to check if there's a problem with the data you've downloaded by comparing the md5 hashes.

For those who don't know what this is, it's basically a string of
numbers and letters created by a particular file. No other file in the
world will create the same md5 hash, so if the one you get for your
"wow-partial-2.MPQ" file is the same as what I get, then we know
there's no problem.

To get a freeware md5 checker, go here: http://www.nullriver.com/products/winmd5sum

Download WinMD5Sum, install, and run it. Click the three dots next
to file name and then browse until you find your "wow-partial-2.MPQ"
file and open it.

Next, copy the following md5 into the "Compare" field: 57179fc4197b804217cc022379dfb784

Click "Compare".

If the two hashes are not the same, please try to download the file
again, making sure to delete the "wow-partial-2.MPQ" you've already
got. I will be hosting my own copy very shortly.


EDIT 6 - DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK - For those having the
99% issue and who have a "wow-partial-2.MPQ" that has a different md5
hash than the one listed, here is a direct download link to my own,
which is confirmed as 100% working, in every respect. Razz



EDIT 7 - Some people are having a problem with the Background
Downloader saying "Data for the next patch is not available" once
they've downloaded the torrent or the direct download. This can be
solved by restarting your computer.

Thanks to Lulabelle for that info. Smile



If you've reached 99% and you just can't get to 100%, no matter
what you do, and you've followed all of the above steps to the letter,
then your best bet is to leave the Background Downloader open at 99%.
Eventually, over several hours, it will get the last 1% from peers, as
opposed to the HTTP Direct Download from Blizzard. I have no reason why
the above solution works for some and not for others.
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PostSubject: Re: WoW-2.4.3-to-3.0.2-TBC-EU-Stage3 issue at 95%   Sat Oct 11, 2008 5:25 pm

Good Dog Smile
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PostSubject: Re: WoW-2.4.3-to-3.0.2-TBC-EU-Stage3 issue at 95%   Sun Oct 12, 2008 12:59 am

Nice. Worked like a charm Smile
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PostSubject: Re: WoW-2.4.3-to-3.0.2-TBC-EU-Stage3 issue at 95%   Sun Oct 12, 2008 1:59 am

talked to a gm - the problem will be solved - they know about it so no need to stress Smile
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PostSubject: Re: WoW-2.4.3-to-3.0.2-TBC-EU-Stage3 issue at 95%   Sun Oct 12, 2008 4:10 pm

Do the steps above, or die trying...
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PostSubject: Re: WoW-2.4.3-to-3.0.2-TBC-EU-Stage3 issue at 95%   

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WoW-2.4.3-to-3.0.2-TBC-EU-Stage3 issue at 95%
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