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 guess who's making a topic?

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PostSubject: guess who's making a topic?   Tue Apr 21, 2009 9:21 pm

;D hello ex guild raiders -friend wow players - members - people ;p

So i hope some can remember me? nelf hunt raiding name is myown? ;p

so hows it going? seen ur guys raiding progress i kinda thought u guys alrdy were trying ulduar or is it me that the homepage wont get updated?

anyways i quit with wow after 3 and a half year.. got me kinda boring and since wotlk came out the boredness become to grow.. and! yes there comes a and! and i still was raiding in wotlk Very Happy check armory myown bladefist out ;p

well ive talking alot of crap now..

well comment pl0x ;D (mostly the old players that remember me and still are in WD) well im anyways still on BF still more deadfist but ive made it to down Kel'thuzad HC ^^

well cya and gl with raiding if u guys still do so
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PostSubject: Re: guess who's making a topic?   Sun Apr 26, 2009 9:46 am

hey there Myown Smile

yea we remember u ^__^

well the guild disbanded long time ago and now most of the ppl stopped playing and the rest moved to other guilds
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guess who's making a topic?
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