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 Application form

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PostSubject: Application form   Application form I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 15, 2009 12:47 am

Notice: You need to register on our forum with an account name that matches your character name.

This form you could see as a guidance, add anything if you feel it improves your chances to join us.
Anything less then this form is not advisable and will only lower your chances.

After doing that copy and fill out this form:

Who are you irl (name, age, location etc):

Char Name:

K-Aion, C-Aion and/or Beta experience you have (until what level and which classes):

PvE/PvP experience you have (other games aswell):

What exactly do you expect to find in this game and particularly in our Legion?

Are you planning to be active upon reaching top level?

Any members that can recommend you:

Have you read the rules, and do you accept them?
We need our members to check up our site daily, will you do this?
You are required to have a working ventrilo, do you have this?

Vanity pet collector click here
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Application form
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