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 Application form

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Application form Empty
PostSubject: Application form   Application form I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 10, 2007 4:15 pm

Notice: You need to register on our forum with an account name that matches your characters name.

After doing that copy and fill out this form:

Who are you irl (name, age, location etc):

Character Name:
Class and Race:

Your raiding spec and off-spec:
Armory link:
Glyphs and reason choosing them:

Raid experience:
Classic World of Warcraft:
The Burning Crusade:
Wrath of the Lich King:

What evenings are you available to raid? ( Please also give approx times)

Monday :
Tuesday :
Wednesday :
Thursday :
Friday :
Saturday :
Sunday :

Previous guilds and reasons for leaving them:

Why do you want to join us? :

Any members that can recommend you:

Have you read the Raiding Rules, and do you accept them?
We need our members to check up our site daily, will you do this?

Note: If you get invited you will be expected to have the following addons installed at all raids (failure to do so, will lose you your raid spot):

Deadly Boss Mods (Bigwigs)
Grid (Recommended for healers)

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Application form Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application form   Application form I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 02, 2008 7:12 pm

Finding an officer to invite you if you're accepted:

With the lone exception of Slytherwl and Vcrusaderv, all officers have at least two (or many more) characters they're playing outside the raid times.

Your best bet to find someone to invite you is to join our wanton channel (/join wanton) - where all members from both alts and mains guild are supposed to be - and ask for an officer there. Most of the time someone with invite rights will actually be on on an alt.
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Application form
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